Let’s kick things off, shall we? Here’s a very simple tip that I won’t be using for much longer as my company mail is moving providers:

How do I set a vacation message using Sieve script?

  1. First, add “vacation” import to the script:

    require ["fileinto","vacation"];

  2. Add the vacation message content at the bottom of the script:

    :days 1
    :addresses ["email.alias.1@domain.com","email.alias.2@domain.com"]
    :subject "Out Of Office"
    # Body of the vacation message, in double quotes
    I will be away until dd/mm/yyyy inclusive. For any queries, please contact colleague@work.com

The key to understanding how vacation messages are set in Sieve is that you enable the message when you go on holiday, i.e. write or uncomment it, and disable it when you come back by either, removing it from the script, or commenting it by adding ‘#’ symbol at the start of each line.

Finally, you probably wonder what “days” is for? It specifies the number of days that the mail server waits before sending an out of office message again to a person if this person sent you various emails. So, if “days” is set to 1 and a colleague sends you 10 mails in 1 day, he/she will only receive a single “Out Of Office” email back.